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Looking for resources to encourage conversations in your community? Below are lots of tools and resources to help you – some developed here at The Conversation Project, and some developed in our TCP communities – all available to you for free.

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Get Started

Start with you:

  • Conversation Starter Guide
    • Before you introduce this topic to others, we highly encourage you to use our Guide to think and talk about what matters to you with those important to you.

Bring TCP into your community:

  • A Road Map for Those Just Starting Off or Anyone Needing a Refresher
  • Getting Started Guide for Communities
    • A Guide to help spark ideas about who to engage and how to introduce the importance of conversations into your community. There are many ways to help your community members jump start conversations – no one size fits all. Use what feels right to you in this guide: all of it, pieces of it, whatever works for you. The guide is broken into the following sections to help you where you may need it the most:
      • Think about your approach
      • Plan your strategy
      • Take action
      • Planning tools and templates
  • Community Planning 101
    • The Community Planning 101 recorded session, introduces you to The Conversation Project and walks you through the above Getting Started Guide for Communities. Check out the below timings for various sections of the recording, feel free to jump around:
      • Community examples (9:10 minute mark)
      • 4 steps overview of guide (13:50 minute mark)
      • Think about your approach (14:50 minute mark)
      • Plan your strategy & 10 Questions to Get Started (19:05 minute mark)
      • Take action (33:35 minute mark)
  • Types of Community Partners to consider working with.

Learn from TCP and experienced champions:

Short Community Case Studies:

Align with TCP’s resources and mission:

  • Branding Guide 
    • How to promote your work to align with TCP’s mission.
  • TCP’s Principles
    1.  How we work with community partners.
  • New! Communications Plan and Toolkits (see Promote Your Message)
    • How to match our themes for promoting and sharing targeted resources/messages across the year.

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Host an Event or Workshop

Get oriented:

  • A 6 Step Road Map for Hosting an Event
    • A road map to introduce TCP and resources to your community.
  • Speaking Training
    • A recorded virtual training and orientation on hosting a Conversation Starter Workshop.
  • Tips for Facilitating and Teaching about The Conversation Project
    • Tips and stories from years of experience in the field – from TCP and hundreds of champions around the globe who have hosted events both virtually and in-person across their communities. Specific sections include:
      • Possible Event Types
      • 10 Things to Think about When Hosting an Event
      • Stories We Use and Share
      • Common Discussion Topics 
      • Additional Resources




Prompt action:

Track & evaluate:

Reach people where they learn, work, and pray:

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Promote Your Message

Communications Toolkits: ready-made content for newsletters / social media / email / flyers

Changing public perceptions of serious illness care

  • Serious Illness Messaging Toolkit: Use this toolkit to find easy ways to improve your messaging across advance care planning, palliative care and hospice care & engage the public. The messaging principles will help you shape a message, write a public talk, respond to a journalist, or edit a website.

Creative ways to reach and motivate individuals:

Engaging various types of audiences:

Jump starting conversations:

Additional Support & Networking

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Connect with Others: View our Conversation Champions Map to connect with others doing similar work in your area. Join our Conversation Champions Discussion Group, an online community of local leaders who are dedicated to spreading TCP’s initiative to ensure everyone, everywhere expresses their wishes through the end of life.

Contact us: if you have feedback or additional questions email us at conversationproject@ihi.org.

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