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Promoting Advance Care Planning: How and Where to Get the Word Out

Posted on 01/13/2020

It’s a new year, a new decade and time for renewed energy and ideas for ways to promote the importance of conversations across your community!  And, as National Healthcare Decisions Day is only 3 months away (April 16th), it’s time to get the word out if you haven’t already started.

Below are just a few recent examples of places and type of content being used to spread awareness, stories and resources to a wider audience.

Does your employer have a company newsletter, public-facing flier, or a blog site that is always looking for content to share? Are you personally part of or does your organization run an on-line discussion platform on various topics? Think about submitting a piece that these existing audiences may connect with or, if you are an employer, creating content that shows you care. Or, share some of these resources below if you don’t have the capacity to create your own from scratch.

  • COSTCO United States monthly magazine, distributed to approximately 14 million members, published the following article written and submitted by champion, Rosemary Pahl.
  • Farmer’s Insurance included this set of stories in a section of their website called “Learn from experience: Stories and information to help you plan, prepare and protect what matters most.”
  • Mutual of Omaha provides a Guide to Dying Well on their website under a planning and advice section, providing resources and clear step by step guidance.
  • Fidelity provides guidance and educational materials for clients to make it easier to take the first step on a dedicated Caring and Aginglife events hub. One of their dedicated web pages, “Preparing for a meaningful end-of-life plan,” provides a short video introducing clients to resources as well as suggested steps to take.
  • Goodyear hosted lunch and learns about the Conversation Project with their employees, distributing Conversation Starter Kits to all 20,000+ employees.
  • Health Union, a digital health company that hosts condition-specific online health communities ran this piece on National Healthcare Decisions Day 2019 and posted it across 10 chronic disease-specific discussion group sites.

We’re so inspired to see big companies take on this universal topic for their customers and staff. These organizations are not shying away from something that can be sensitive but rather are leaning in to ways to support their sphere of influence.

We hope these examples spark an idea for how you may tap into already established groups in your personal, community or workplaces and find places that may be a natural fit for information sharing.

Where and how are you promoting your message? Share your examples below in the comment section for others to see!

Are you championing TCP’s message in your community and/or looking for others to connect with? Check out our Conversation champions map, sign-up for our community engagement newsletter, and follow us on social media (TwitterFacebook). And, for more ideas on how to get the word out and tools to use for promoting NHDD, please join The Conversation Project’s February 19th community call from 3:00-4:00 ET. Click here to register.

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