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Conversation Sabbath Altar
Conversation Sabbath 2.0
By Rev. Rosemary Lloyd, 07/26/2016

We are getting ready to launch our second Conversation Sabbath this fall – and this year the ripple effect is going national. We’ve already heard that there are plans afoot in Wisconsin, Northern California, Georgia,…

Ellen Goodman screenshot

In this week’s Talking Matter’s blog post, we followed up with Ellen to ask her to respond to some of the most popular questions that we receive from friends and fans of the nonprofit’s work.

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Across the country, hundreds of the communities that work alongside The Conversation Project are taking innovative approaches to promoting the importance of end-of-life care conversations. From cozy events at local libraries, sermons at congregations and…

Young female friends

Did you know…? 90% of people say that talking with their loved ones about end-of-life care is important. 27% have actually done so. Source: The Conversation Project National Survey (2013)          …