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Good to Go!
By Amy Pickard, 09/25/2018

I know it’s hard to convince you of the peace you don’t know you’re going to need, but advance planning will allow the time you have left (whether it’s 30 years or 6 months) to be filled with love rather than logistics.

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Meet the Team: Kate DeBartolo
Posted on 09/18/2018

Over the past several years, people from all over the country have opened up their hearts to The Conversation Project (TCP). Through the sharing of a myriad personal narratives, TCP has been able to build our campaign and use the messages from these stories to reemphasize the deep necessity of having end-of-life conversations. To show our appreciation to all who have opened the doors into their personal lives to support our work, the TCP team has decided to reciprocate by showing you who we are, why we do what we do and how this work has impacted us.

Headshot of Edward T. Creagan, MD

The family gathered around the bedside should be a time of peace and forgiveness, not a forum for squabbling and disagreement. Consider these insights on how to handle end-of-life treatment decisions in the absence of an advance directive and when nobody can agree.

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In a recent community survey (July 2018), we asked communities who are spreading messages about the importance of end-of-life conversations which unique or hard-to-reach audiences they are reaching and how. Below is a sampling of…