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Charles J Antoni

Charlie Antoni is a retired Air Force veteran who spent four years in the military. Now, he is working with fellow veterans in hospice and palliative care at the Orlando VA Medical Center where he…

New Alzheimer’s and Dementia Starter Kit
By Jane Roessner, PhD, 05/24/2016

Last week The Conversation Project launched an important new Conversation Starter Kit – aimed to help families and loved ones of people with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. Once our flagship resource, the…

Kate DeBartolo
Q&A with Kate DeBartolo
Posted on 05/10/2016

For this week’s Talking Matters’ blog post we bring you a Q & A featuring our passionate National Field Manager Kate DeBartolo. She talks about her work with The Conversation Project, our new Community Resource…

Five Mother’s Day Stories
Posted on 05/03/2016

We’ve heard and read hundreds of stories from people who want to have the conversation, have had the conversation, and from those who wished they’d had before it was too late. In honor of Mother’s…