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Life, Love and Legacy
By Maria Albert, 09/10/2021

When you hear the words heart attack and open heart surgery at the age of 33 you don’t just come face-to-face with your mortality, you collide with it in an explosive and unceremonious way. Your…

How A Stroke Brought Me Wisdom
By Brandy Bischoff, 09/10/2021

It was a Saturday morning like many before it. Up before the sun with my boys to make cut-up pancakes with maple syrup. A morning movie for them; coffee and some cleaning for me. Little…

Things I Wish My Mother Said
By Carolyn Eggert Schultz, 09/09/2021

I’m a long-hauler. That means that I had COVID in January and three months later, I still feel lousy. Malaise overwhelms me. My brain says, “yes you can do it!” A few hours later my…

No Ordinary Cat
By Vicki McLawhorn, 09/09/2021

A thick blanket of old smoke hangs over everything, almost like its own entity in this house.  Yet it’s just me, on my hands and knees wedged between the wall and the bed, trying to…

Go Take a Peek
By Mary E. Johnson, 09/09/2021

It can be difficult to deal with issues of mortality. Most people prefer to avoid the topic until forced to deal with it. However, I have found that, as difficult as dealing with our mortality…