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Living in the Moments: End-of-Life Conversations with a Person in Denial

In her thoughtful piece, Kelly Kiernan Largey remembers her late husband who opted out of discussing his wishes for end-of-life. Her piece begs the question, “I think anyone would agree that it’s important to listen to and honor a dying person’s wishes. But if your dying loved one’s wish is that their imminent death not be acknowledged, is there a way to honor that wish without denying your own reality?”

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This month we’re encouraging all those who are working to spread the importance of conversations across your community to network and connect with each other! One way to do this is to explore and put your pin on our Conversation Champions Map! This map was designed to help you find other groups to connect with, providing a network of support for each other.  Additionally, we invite you to join our Conversations Champions Discussion Group. This group aims to foster insightful conversations and acts as a virtual learning platform to share ideas, questions and connections.

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Everyone Has a Story

Maureen Jennings gathered family together on her father’s 85th birthday to talk about the health care he wants.

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