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Helping people share their wishes for care through the end of life.

The Woman Who Taught Me to Talk About the Hard Things by Ashlyn Carmichael

In Ashlyn Carmichael’s piece, she remembers her late grandmother who taught her that a simple set of words can lead to a significant impact. Her story is a reminder that, yes, talking about end-of-life can be uncomfortable or even scary, but talking about it can also provide closure for the people we care about most.

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Geared towards those new to The Conversation Project and/or our resources, and who are looking to spread this work across their community. This 30-minute recording helps you navigate our website so you can get oriented to and take advantage of all the free resources we have for you to use/adapt to jump start conversations in your community. We also share ways to engage with and make the most of our community.

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“The Conversation Project emphasizes having a conversation on values — what matters to you, not what‘s the matter with you.”

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Everyone Has a Story

Maureen Jennings gathered family together on her father’s 85th birthday to talk about the health care he wants.

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