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10 Resources to Help Reach Spanish-speaking Audiences

Posted on 10/08/2019

Did you know some of our most popular teaching tools are already available in Spanish? Check out the variety of resources we have below, either in Spanish or with Spanish subtitles.

Presenting The Conversation Project (TCP) and our resources to the community

Our Conversation Starter Guides (Spanish versions)

Two short-videos that bring humor and tips to starting the Conversation

  • Practice Makes Perfect:We know that starting conversations about end-of-life care wishes with your loved ones can be hard, and we are here to help. (Spanish subtitles available.)
  • Who will speak for you?:Choosing a healthcare proxy is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. We’re here to help. (Spanish subtitles available.)

End-of-event feedback form

Do you have other resources or tips on reaching Spanish-speaking audiences? Please share them below!

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    Excellent, resourceful, well organized and succinct.

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