6 Moving Stories for Mother’s Day

Posted on 05/06/2021

Every year, Mother’s Day reminds us to pause and reflect on the love of a mother. We are brought to a place of remembrance where our hearts and minds call on the profundity of the mothers undeniably special role in our lives. Over the years, we have collected stories from mothers, daughters (some of whom lost their beloved mothers), and mothers who have experienced the loss of their own children. Each and every story, is immensely different. Yet, each and every story, reminds us of why it is so important to talk about what matters most. This Mother’s Day, read through a story or two below and call your mom or a mom and ask them, “How do you want to live your life to the very end? What matters most to you?”

  • Embracing Fear and Grief: A Death Midwife Navigates End-of-Life Planning with Her Mom
    • Naila Francis explores her personal experience of having end-of-life conversations with her mother and how these conversations are drenched in love, undergirded with anticipatory grief and relief. Her piece reminds us that though it is daunting to have these conversations, they provide so much clarity.
  • A Gift From My Mom, The Conversation Queen
    • In this moving piece by The Conversation Project’s Patty Webster, she recounts her dear mother and expresses the deep gratitude she has for the conversations her mother had with her about her wishes for care. Through her story, Patty reminds us that life is about living and dying well.
  • Dear Loved Ones: Listen to Your Mother
    • To ensure that her family honors her wishes for care, Micki Jackson wrote them a letter reminding them of what matters most to her and she reminds that they should always listen to their mother.
  • Don’t Panic-It’s OK
    • Even when people express their end-of-life care wishes, honoring their choices can be challenging or impractical. Dr. Karen Boudreau’s family knows this from experience. She wrote this letter to her loved ones to offer guidance in case they ever need to make difficult decisions at the end of her life. The Conversation Project has shared this letter with many people who have been inspired by its compassion to have “the conversation” with their own families. Read or listen to her letter.
  • My Qualms with My Mother’s Mortality: A Millennial’s Perspective of COVID-19
    • COVID-19 has made millennials come to terms with the fragility of their parents and grandparents. In this touching blog piece, The Conversation Project’s Naomi Fedna talks about grappling with her mother’s mortality in light of the era of COVID-19.
  • Ahead of All Parting
    • Elizabeth Johnson shares her story about how her experience with loss taught her how birth, life and death stand in intimate proximity to one another. This piece tugs on our hearts’ strings and shines a light on the brevity of life.

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