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Resource Recap and Highlights of the Month: October 2019

Posted on 11/04/2019

October was filled with opportunities, resources and materials that prompted us to think about how one can best live out their values and ensure that their end-of-life wishes are honored. From book lists to Conversation Sabbath, last month led us to think more critically about what matters most. Below is a compilation of resources that we shared last month.

New Resources

Did you know some of our most popular teaching tools are already available in Spanish? We have videos, Starter Kits and evaluation tools all translated in Spanish. Check out the variety of resources we have, either in Spanish or with Spanish subtitles.

When we produced our 10 must read books about death and end-of-life care over three years ago, we realized that the universality of the concept of death knits us all together. Whether it be a Haitian laureate living in New York, tending to her dying mother; an Indian-American physician grappling with what it means to be mortal; or a woman who strives to ensure her terminally ill husband’s end-of-life wishes are honored, the fact of the matter is that death and dying is an experience that touches us all. Anybody—no matter their context, background or identity—can offer a narrative about how people engage with the concepts of living life to the fullest in light of their mortality. Click the link above to check out the list of books!


Our annual national event, Conversation Sabbath, took place from October 25-November 3. During this event, we invited congregations throughout the country to take part in Conversation Sabbath, sharing each faith’s teachings on this critical topic and supporting congregants in having the conversation in familiar settings, and not during a medical crisis in the ICU. Did your community participate in Conversation Sabbath? If so, share your story to potentially be featured on our blog. Email us: conversationproject@ihi.org

Community Calls

  • This past October, we hosted a call that highlighted various models for starting and sustaining programs to spread the importance of conversations across a community.  We heard from seasoned community members and explored various components to keep the momentum going, including funding. Follow these links to access the recording, slides and notes from the call.

*Due to technical difficulties, the recording for this call begins midway of the presentation. The notes linked above provide information about the unrecorded portion of the call.

  • Upcoming Community Call
    • Are you grappling with how best to support those who may not have family or a support system around them? Or are you reaching “solo agers” and have some ideas to share on how best to ensure this population is supported, listened to and given opportunities to talk about what matters most to them?  Then this call is for you! Join us on November 20th at 3 PM ET to discuss ways to ensure this critical segment of the population is not left behind. We’ll be joined by Carol Marak, a solo ager who created an expansive support network for others and has learned some fabulous lessons along the way.

Click here to register for the call!

September Newsletters

Additional resources can be found on our Get Involved page.

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