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Resource Recap and Highlights of the Month: July 2019

Posted on 08/08/2019

During the month of July, The Conversation Project produced and compiled a host of resources to meet the needs of community members asking for additional ideas. We also had an incredible conversation with a New York Times bestselling writer who spoke to our theme of the importance of having end-of-life conversations. The month of July brought opportunities for reflection and critical thinking all about how to encourage ourselves and others to have the conversation. Check out this compilation of resources and materials and then comment below: what else would you like to see from us in the months to come?

New and Updated Resources

We have created landing pages to supplement our various Kits. From videos to relevant resources for organizations, these pages are designed to enhance the effectiveness and impact of our Kits by providing resources/materials that speak to each Kit’s theme. Visit our Kits page, then click “See related resources here.” under your Kit of interest.

Please let us know your thoughts and/or if you have any other suggestions: conversationproject@ihi.org.

This short resource outlines WHY you should have this conversation with your clients, WHAT your role is, and WHEN you should have the conversation – and provides a sample script to help you break the ice.

Personal Stories

  • A Conversation with Tembi Locke: Love, Loss and Fava Beans

In her New York Times bestselling memoir, From Scratch, Tembi Locke invites readers into her heart. Taking them on a journey through the romance of her and her late husband, Saro, her deep experience with grief and her quest for healing in Italy, Locke leads readers to reflect on the brevity and breadth of life. The Conversation Project had the pleasure of connecting with Locke, who shared her insight on a series of questions about end-of-life care conversations. Read part-one and part-two of her Q&A with us.

Articles and Podcasts Featuring The Conversation Project

In this piece, Patty Webster and Kate DeBartolo from The Conversation Project share their thoughts and personal stories regarding end-of-life care. Webster opens up about her late mother who was always vocal about her end-of-life wishes. Furthermore, DeBartolo raises a crucial point that a healthcare proxy/agent does not always have to be a family member. She prompts readers to ask themselves this question: Who would you trust, and who do you think could really speak for you? Click the link above to read the piece.

Listen to this podcast where Kelly McCutcheon Adams, MSW, LCSW, talks about the Conversation Ready project and end-of-life conversations. Learn how systems can become ready; the Conversation principles: Exemplify, Connect, Engage, and Steward all of which are the foundation for Respect; and the advantage for systems to become conversation ready.

In a recent JAMA article, Rebecca Voelker discusses the various organizations, institutions and groups who are leading the “death movement” globally–among them is The Conversation Project. Read this piece by her and then email us the names of any other groups you know who are a part of this movement: conversationproject@ihi.org.

Community Calls

  • During our July community Call, the Massachusetts Coalition for Serious Illness Care shared their latest findings and learning from their messaging research project. Lessons shared included tested language for engaging the broader public, as well as targeted “segments” of the population, in conversations about what really matters to their life and health. Click here to listen to the recording and access the slides from the call.
  • What’s coming next?
    • Join us on August 21st at 3 PM EDT as our advisor to faith communities, Rev. Rosemary Lloyd, discusses Conversation Sabbath – the annual, national invitation to clergy to preach or teach on the vital importance of having The Conversation. Hear from groups as they describe how they are planning for this event and learn from their experience and lessons to date. Visit our Faith Resources page to learn more about Conversation Sabbath and how you can get involved.

Join us on September 18th at 3 PM EDT where we’ll host a virtual speaker training. This call will provide TCP community leaders with the knowledge and resources needed to host an event, give an informative presentation, and facilitate group discussion. You’ll be given an example of a standard presentation, tips on all phases of event-planning including setting an aim, organization, facilitation, establishing measures, and evaluating your event.

Click here to register for the calls!

July Newsletters

Additional resources can be found on our Get Involved page.

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