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Go Take a Peek
By Mary E. Johnson, 09/09/2021

It can be difficult to deal with issues of mortality. Most people prefer to avoid the topic until forced to deal with it. However, I have found that, as difficult as dealing with our mortality…

In Search of A Good Death
By Jane Conrad, 09/08/2021

Despite knowing that it is coming every day of our lives, too many of us are unprepared for our own death.  We pursue tests, treatments and interventions until suddenly (or so it seems), we hear…

My Well Shaven Grandfather
By Neha Pidatala, 09/06/2021

I am born into a multigenerational household and my grandparents practically raised me. My grandfather used to pick and drop me at my school for most part of my school life. On our way to…

In Death, Joy
By Melody Messner, 09/06/2021

The palliative nurse told us what our doctor could not. “I think of time in terms of years, months, weeks,” he began pulling his chair close so that his knees almost touched my husbands who…