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Planning for My Future Health Care Today
By Aly Lynch, 03/01/2023

The idea of planning for care through the end of life seems distant and hard to grasp for a lot of us — especially those considered young or without current health conditions. When are we…

How Stories Open the Door to Conversations
By Elizabeth Coplan, 02/06/2023

Stories change attitudes, such as our views on relationships, politics,  the environment, and even about health care through the end of life. If someone shares a story about the time they, too, experienced a life-changing moment,…

Bringing Conversations to Work
By Mindy Rickard and Amanda Meier, 01/12/2023

At The Conversation Project, we’ve always tried to reach people where they live, work, pray, and learn to talk about what matters to them. Today, we wanted to dive into the “work” aspect a little…

Resource Recap: 2022 in Review
Posted on 12/05/2022

As 2022 comes to a close, we take some time for self-reflection. We are so grateful for all we have learned from you – individuals and communities who have shared so generously with us about…