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Ahead of All Parting
By Elizabeth Johnson, 04/16/2021

My son’s time in utero was healthy and thrilling. Everything inside me was oriented towards a future where I would be his fearless mother, dedicated to loving him, and watching him grow into a mature…

Conversations Across Generations and Cultures
By Ephemeral Roshdy, 02/22/2021

My grandfather set the expectation that my family was surrounded by death, but untouchable by it. In his lifetime, he was a charismatic and charming man, and an improbably lucky one. He survived war, assassination…

Introducing New Guides!
Posted on 01/22/2021

Your Conversation Starter Guide Your Guide to Choosing a Health Care Proxy Your Guide to Being a Health Care Proxy Your Guide for Talking with a Health Care Team Your Conversation Starter Guide for Caregivers…