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…an advance directive is a way of extending my fatherly caring into a future when I will be the object of attention – and emotional distress. Envisioning such scenes, I imagine that my daughters might wish for my arm around their shoulders.

During the month of May, we at The Conversation Project (TCP) produced and helped disseminate a number of new tools and resources designed to support you as you either have the conversation about what matters most to you or lead the TCP initiative within your community. Read this piece to learn more!

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There is no denying that when it comes to caring for individuals there is great power in shifting from a typical “What’s the matter with you?” clinical-based approach to a combined “What matters to you?”…

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Dear Loved Ones: You’ll Do Just Fine
By Joan McIver Gibson, 05/20/2019

If you’re faced with decisions on your own, here’s what matters to me, right now. As it changes, I promise to tell you…