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Top 15 Ways People are Using The Conversation Starter Guide

Posted on 02/08/2020

How are people using our variety of Conversation Starter Guide? Here are our top 15 ways to incorporate them into your personal or professional work.

  1. As a guide used during Conversation Starter Guide workshops
  2. As part of “new client packets” – for new clients of financial or estate planners, for new home buyers, or new residents in apartment complexes and/or retirement communities (e.g. Continuing Care Retirement Communities)
  3. As a guide for ministerial programs in congregations
  4. In patient take-home packets (or given as a Rx to complete) during their primary care wellness visit
  5. As take home materials after a movie screening
  6. As a “book” for book club discussions
  7. As handouts at health fairs, community family fairs, farmer’s markets, church fairs, or conferences
  8. As a link within patient portals (on patient and clinician pages)
  9. As handouts in waiting room areas (hospitals or clinics)
  10. As a guide during lunch and learns for your employees or as part of new employee orientation packets
  11. As a take home for action after hosting a Death over Deli, Hello game or other game night events
  12. As part of interactive, local theater productions on conversations that matter
  13. As a tool in research projects measuring the efficacy/benefits of advance care planning
  14. Rolled up in a napkin rings for guests at Thanksgiving dinner with an introduction of “no pie until you tell me how you want to die”
  15. In lieu of flowers on Valentine’s Day, wrapped up in a bow. What better way to say Be Mine (or Be My Proxy!) than to tell someone what matters most to you.

How are you using The Conversation Starter Guide? Add to our list in the comment section below!


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