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Supporting Healthcare Staff Wellbeing

Posted on 05/11/2020

We’ve heard from several champions who work with or within healthcare organizations, requesting any resources we know of that may support staff wellbeing.  A couple resources that have come across our desk are listed below that may offer ways to help support staff wellbeing.  Please add any resources you are aware of in the comments below.

Articles shedding light on and seeking to address rising mental anguish

Blogs and guidance on supporting wellbeing from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement:

IHI has a COVID-19 Global Learning Platform for clinicians to share ideas, articles, and learning. One of multiple working groups on this site is on workforce wellbeing.  Click here for more information on how to join. Additionally, IHI is hosting a “Stories of the COVID Crisis” site, as stories not only inform, connect and teach us how to navigate challenge and uncertainty. Stories can heal. Encourage all to share their story on this site and read what others are experiencing.

A complication of resources from Lexipol: 

Resilience expert Mike Taigman explains how stress affects first responders and provides strategies you can use to manage during the long haul of this pandemic.


A compilation of resources from the NHS Education for Scotland and University of Nottingham


We hope this is a good start for those seeking how to support healthcare staff wellbeing, we know there will be many more resources and stories to come. Please share any resources you have that will help our healthcare staff during this time and always.

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  1. Rachel Weyer says:

    In response to a challenging year, CareNotes has developed a new title to add to our line of eight-page booklets.

    “Being Alert to the Signs of Compassion Fatigue” is written for those in the helping professions (medical, mental health, teaching, spiritual guidance, funeral services and many others).

    It is our hope that, with this new title, we can provide a bit of support to those who have spent seemingly unending hours over the past year continually giving of themselves without asking for anything in return.

    Read an excerpt of this new CareNote on our blog: https://carenotes.com/blog/being-alert-to-the-signs-of-compassion-fatigue-blog/

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