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National Effort Unites Congregations of Different Faiths across the US

Posted on 10/04/2016

From Episcopalians to Buddhists, more than 30 congregations of different faiths nationwide will come together during Conversation Sabbath, Nov. 11 through 20, to focus on what the faithful have in common: a reluctance to talk about their wishes for end-of-life care.

Clergy, like doctors, are often not trained on how to have the kind of intimate, tender conversations people facing grave illness want with their religious leaders. The Conversation Project is providing practical tools and tips for gaining more skill and an impetus for preaching the crucial message that sharing our wishes for end-of-life care is a gift to our loved ones.

Religious institutions participating in Conversation Sabbath are celebrating a collective readiness to ground one’s wishes of end-of-life care in their faith, and share them with loved ones and clinicians. As word of Conversation Sabbath spreads, congregations are joining in California, Texas, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Arizona, Florida, New York, Massachusetts and abroad in Canada.

All religious faiths are welcome and pledging to join Conversation Sabbath is easy. Congregations can RSVP by clicking here or by contacting The Conversation Project’s advisor of faith based Initiatives Rev. Rosemary Lloyd, by email or phone (617) 359-3372, to ask questions or talk through programming ideas that might work well in your congregation.


Is your congregation celebrating Conversation Sabbath or interested in joining in the festivities? We want to hear from you. Please comment below!

4 Responses

  1. Ann Garvin says:

    We also did something similar the last few years. This year, we are showing and discussing the film, Being Mortal.

  2. Anne Hebert says:

    I am an individual who is studying many different religions in preparation to become an interfaith minister. My background is nursing and now working as a hospice volunteer. I am drawn to help those with life threatening illness and their families. This is a wonderful topic you will be talking about.
    May I join in on this or are you looking at faith communities only?
    Thank you…Anne

    • Laura Baker says:

      Hi Anne,

      You are certainly welcome to participate! We want everyone – not just members of faith communities – to start thinking about their wishes for end of life care. This is a topic that affects us all, after all.

      Laura Baker
      The Conversation Project

  3. Penny Millspaugh says:

    What a wonderful idea! I will take it to my church leaders and offer an open “Sunday School” class to present the conversation project and provide materials to begin the conversation with their loved ones!

    Thanks you!

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