Measuring Success

By Kate DeBartolo, 12/08/2015

Do any of these questions sound familiar?  — What results are you seeing? How many people have you introduced The Conversation Project to? Have any of them gone on to have the conversation?

Public engagement initiatives are often asked about their metrics and evaluation plans and The Conversation Project is no different. We’ve set up quite a few ways to learn about the successes and areas for improvement in our work. We’re excited to address this on our upcoming Community Call on Wednesday, December 16th from 3- 4 pm ET.

We’ll share what we’ve been working on to understand our reach, how to drive and measure action after an in-person event, and the new systems we’ve created to make this easier to replicate in your region. In addition to sharing tools and resources, you’ll hear examples of how we’ve made improvements to our work based on the results we’ve collected. You’ll also hear from leaders in Boulder, CO about the work they’ve done to quantify their efforts and share their accomplishments during the last few years.

Whether for a grant proposal, newspaper interview, or general discussion about the importance of your work – it’s always important to supplement your stories of success with numbers and statistics to back up your facts.

Join us next week to learn more and to share your feedback with us for ways we can further improve our systems.

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Talk to you soon!

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