Conversation Sabbath is Building Faith in the Power of The Conversation

Posted on 10/25/2016

“One of the most meaningful parts of my job is helping families with the end of life process,” says Rabbi Elana Zelony of Congregation Beth Torah in Richardson, Texas.

On Saturday November 19, Rabbi Zelony will be one of dozens of clergy members from across the country participating in Congregation Sabbath November 11-20. In her sermon at Saturday morning services she will urge her congregants to have end of life discussions with their families while they are still healthy enough to do so.

In her seven years of experience as a spiritual leader Rabbi Zelony knows how difficult such a discussion can be. “I think people are afraid of the unknown and death is a major unknown,” she says.  “Greater communication leads to less conflict. It allows the person to experience the end of their lives with love and support.” She believes knowing what to do to honor their wishes lessens the anxiety level of their loved ones as well.

Please consider participating in Conversation Sabbath, which is being held from November 11-20. The second annual event is organized by The Conversation Project, a nonprofit started by Ellen Goodman to promote the idea that everyone’s end of life wishes should be known and honored.

All religious faiths are welcome and pledging to join Conversation Sabbath is easy. Congregations can RSVP by clicking here or by contacting The Conversation Project’s advisor of faith based Initiatives Rev. Rosemary Lloyd, by email rsmlloyd@gmail.com or phone (617) 359-3372, to ask questions or talk through programming ideas that might work well in your congregation.

Is your congregation celebrating Conversation Sabbath or interested in joining in the festivities? We want to hear from you. Please comment below!

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