Call for Bloggers

Posted on 07/17/2020

Who should submit?

When it comes to issues of mortality, all of us have a story to tell. We want to know how your identity, expertise, and personal life experiences have impacted the ways in which you perceive, understand and engage with end-of-life. The Conversation Project (TCP) is humbly inviting individuals to submit pitches to be considered for our upcoming series of blogs that will focus on the theme of living fully up until the end-of-life and explorations of life in light of mortality. Experts, scholars, practitioners, and artists from marginalized backgrounds and a range of fields are particularly encouraged to submit pitches.

What should you submit?

Submit a pitch! And, if your pitch is selected, you will be requested to write a full blog. The pitch can take various forms. You can submit a bulleted outline that consists of the different points you will address. Or, you can write 1-2 paragraphs that summarizes your vision for the blog. All in all, we encourage your pitch to be brief and concise.

Your piece should explore one or more of the following ideas:

  • Personal experiences with having conversations about end-of-life care/death/dying with those who are close to you
  • Unique reflection on the issue of mortality
  • How you/your community perceives mortality and conversations/care leading up to death
  • How your profession helps alleviate the burden of death
  • How you have seen others approach this work well
  • Popular culture and mortality
  • What you wish health care providers/clergy/etc. knew about death in your community.

If there’s a specific topic that we did not mention and you are passionate about, please email us to inquire about it.

Your pitch should be submitted as Word document or PDF file to conversationproject@ihi.org.

If you’re selected…

We will be selecting up to 15 writers in this summer 2020 round and are able to offer $400 as compensation. In addition to payment, we will feature you on our social media platforms, website, and newsletters in the coming months.

The expected word count for pieces is a minimum of 700 words and a maximum of 1,000 words. The deadline to submit your pitch is July 29th (this submission can be in the form of bullet points).

We look forward to hearing from you!

13 Responses

  1. Luann Travis says:

    If chosen, would our organization be able to utilize the article on our own blog & social media to recognize and promote the contribution?

  2. Elisa Aguilar says:

    Can I participate? I live and work in Mexico city, I am a huge fan of yours, thank you

  3. John Mwesige says:

    Good day Naomi! I am interested in writing opportunity i have already been writing two articles. How do i register?

    Best wishes to you

  4. Sonali says:

    Is it too late to submit a pitch?

    • Conversation Project says:

      Yes, it’s too late for this round. We anticipate holding another round in the future. Would you like to be added to our mailing list so you can be notified?

  5. Cris Johnston says:

    Conversation Project says:
    August 17, 2020 at 1:00 pm
    Yes, it’s too late for this round. We anticipate holding another round in the future. Would you like to be added to our mailing list so you can be notified?

    Yes, please add me to your mailing list re: “another round.”

  6. Naomi Williams says:

    Would you me to your mailing list for the next round for pitch submissions?

  7. Please, I would like to be notified about next round. Thanks in advance.

  8. Pamela Nielson Carter says:

    I would like to be considered for a blogger position, realizing that it’s most likely too late for this opportunity I would be interested in future opportunities. I have been assisting people in all phases of the final steps in life for well over 40 years now. I began this path merely from compassion…then as time passed folks requested my assistance. My education has come from a place of compassionate listening and learning. Today I am enrolled in a certification course as a Death Doula and going into 2021 I plan to focus on this path fully. By end of the year I will have a website: afeatherintime.com operating fully and invite you to come have a peek. Thank you for the opportunity in the future. Or if I can ever offer articles for publication I would be interested in that as well. To continue this conversation if interested you may reach me either at:
    afeatherintime2020@gmail.com or by phone: 404-408-4223
    Thank you
    Pamela Carter

  9. Annie Peter says:

    I have recently come across your website and feel that this is such an important conversation to have with your loved ones. I would like to be kept updated and added to your mailing list. Thank you.

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