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Omaha World-Herald: It’s right there on the side of his refrigerator, in a little plastic sleeve. Dr. Byron Oberst, a retired pediatrician, signed a form saying that he doesn’t want CPR if his heart stops….

Incurable and Irreversible
Posted on 03/08/2013

ABIM Foundation: At a very stressful and emotional time, my wife and sister-in-law were left guessing what exactly those words meant and what their mother would want (because of my mother-in-law’s dementia, my sister-in-law has…

Elder Authority:  No one wants to talk about death, grief, loss or incapacitation. So we don’t.  The statistics are awful. Most people say that making sure their family is not burdened by tough decisions is…

More Important Conversations
Posted on 03/08/2013

Harvard Press: In what many people consider the worst cases, we don’t die at all, at least not for a long time. Instead we live on for months or years in a vegetative state, or with…