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Although many health care professionals are themselves caregivers, we often forget that caregivers should be considered an integral part of the care team. Read the new blog from IHI (originally posted on IHI.org)

Our first communications toolkit to match our theme for December and January can be found here. Our theme for communications across our channels will be Supporting Self (thinking about what matters to you).

“I became the caregiver, the cook, and the nurse. I was exhausted. It became so overwhelming that I had no time to be alone with my thoughts or feelings without worrying about what was going…

The Power of Music at the Bedside
Posted on 11/01/2022

In compassionate care through the end of life, treatments other than medicines can make a crucial difference. The human touch is one. Another can be music. Guided by this, members of the Threshold Choir sit…

“ALS became a social media trend in 2014 with the Ice Bucket Challenge. A viral trend that, to be honest, I saw and thought nothing much of because, like with most viral trends, I never…