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Advice to the Presidential Candidates on End-of-Life Issues
By Christian Sinclair, Pallimed, 02/05/2016

Tonight at the Democratic Town Hall, a New Hampshire voter, Mr Jim Kinhan asked a very important question of candidate Senator Hillary Clinton about care at the end-of-life and personal choices. While his question may…

Why are Doctors so Bad at Telling Patients They’re Dying?
By Bob Tedeschi, STAT Online News, 02/02/2016

Dr. Janet Abrahm was in a hospital cafeteria when she heard the oncologist and his patient nearby. “Your husband isn’t here?” he said. “OK, well, let me tell you anyway. Your leukemia has returned.” Doctors…

A parting lesson from my parents
Posted on 12/24/2015

Boston Globe — We often try to keep our personal and professional lives separate, but sometimes they collide unexpectedly. That happened to me over the complex and delicate issue of end-of-life care, where our health system still…