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NPR- Take the time to listen to the recent piece on NPR about La Crosse, Wisconsin–the town where everyone talks about death.  Nearly 96% of people who who have died there had advance directives.  Nationally,…

The Couple Next Door
Posted on 02/10/2014

PULSE- Kelly McCutcheon Adams, a director at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, was featured in Pulse Magazine last week.  She told the story of the death of her next door neighbor. Read an excerpt from…

Planning for end a gift to family
Posted on 11/18/2013

Las Vegas Review Journal (Paul Harasim)-  A ventilator kept my father alive. His heart couldn’t do its job. He lay in the hospital bed with more tubes seemingly pushed into him each day. A decorated…

“Saving Bonnie”
Posted on 11/12/2013

JAMA- My mother in law, Bonnie, stopped eating just after her 88th birthday. A Christian Scientist, she had only seen a physician a few times in her entire life. Bonnie never talked about death because…