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Life, Love and Legacy
Posted on 11/20/2021

“When you hear the words heart attack and open heart surgery at the age of 33 you don’t just come face-to-face with your mortality, you collide with it in an explosive and unceremonious way.”  Read…

Make Today the Day
Posted on 11/18/2021

In her blog, Cheryl Stone writes that when mother had a stroke, her family had to make difficult decisions. Despite barriers to communication, they learned what her mother wanted and advocated for her needs.

Fighting, Crying, Talking
Posted on 10/21/2021

A three-part poem series by L.P. Masters: Fighting (1) Crying (2) Talking (3).

How A Stroke Brought Me Wisdom
Posted on 10/19/2021

Brandy Bischoff discusses her experience having a stroke a week before her 40th birthday, during a pandemic, and with two kids. In her incredible story, she reminds us of how important the gift of life…

Go Take a Peek
Posted on 10/12/2021

In her twenties, Mary Johnson had an encounter that made her aware of her mortality. In this piece, she shares tips and tricks for having conversations with people about their wishes for care through the end…