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Speaking of Death
Posted on 02/15/2013

All-Things Aging: Though death is not unique to aging, nor does it wait patiently, more and more of us will reach death at a much later point in our lives. Not just our lives, but even…

Boston Business Journal: Making certain that health systems respect and deliver on people’s preferences for end-of-life care will clearly be a tall order, given the gap between what Americans say they want and the current reality….

Conversation Project
Posted on 02/11/2013

Birmingham Medical News Blog: One of the most difficult things to see as a physician is when a family member has to make a decision and they tell me “I know what I would want, but…

Planning Your Care, Your Way
Posted on 02/06/2013

Positive Women’s Network:  Often people are uncomfortable talking about death, but it’s in the cards for every single one of us.  Before successful HIV treatments were available and early death seemed inevitable, there was lots…