Conversation Project

Posted on 02/11/2013

Birmingham Medical News BlogOne of the most difficult things to see as a physician is when a family member has to make a decision and they tell me “I know what I would want, but I don’t know what my mamma would want.” We plan for graduations, weddings, births and all other life events but we don’t prepare for or talk about death.  It’s so important for families to have this conversation at any age.

The Conversation Project is a unique program that was started to help people discuss their preferences for end-of-life care.  This non-profit group teamed up with the National Institute for Healthcare improvement to create a starter kit that is available free of charge at theconversationproject.org.
The Conversation Starter Kit is a booklet that encourages loved ones to sit down together and talk about their values and the role they want to play in deciding the care they receive.