Will California Try Again to Legalize Assisted Suicide?

Posted on 03/05/2013

LifeNewsCalifornia, a state with an aging population, falling birth rates, and rising welfare rolls, now has a super majority of Democrats in the state legislature with a Democrat as governor. The legislature has the best opportunity it has ever had to pass whatever legislation it wants. And, what it has wanted since at least 2000 is assisted suicide.

During 2012 my local newspaper, the Contra Costa Times, carried a four-part series entitled “The Cost of Dying.” It was written by Lisa Krieger, a reporter for the Times’ parent organization, the Bay Area News Group. As the articles proceeded, it became very obvious that this was little more than the use of a newspaper to promote acceptance of the POLST form. On January 14, 2013, I attended a two-hour presentation on the POLST form held at the Times publishing headquarters and led by the reporter herself.

A POLST form, Krieger said, was the “best gift one could give their family.” But she felt that people should prepare their families for acceptance of this decision and suggested that Thanksgiving dinner was a good time, with all the family gathered to start the conversation.

Apparently there are programs developed by such groups as The Conversation Project using starter kits to guide family discussions. Also there is the Project Grace campaign to get people talking about advance care decision-making and preferences.

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