Why Should We Care About Healthcare Decisions?

Posted on 04/16/2013

Forbes: What are the healthcare decisions you should make in advance?

First, decide what quality of life is important to you. As an active athlete, even in middle age, I wouldn’t be happy if I couldn’t participate in sport again. Gratefully, there are many sports where I can still participate in a wheelchair should the need arise. As a javelin thrower, I could still throw pretty well in a wheelchair, and I would make the governing bodies create a wheelchair javelin thrower division if there isn’t one already available. Now if I couldn’t throw? That would be another story. My husband and family know if I can’t speak for myself, potentially throw a javelin, and especially wipe my own rear end ever again, please let me die as quickly as possible. If you need help thinking about this step, visit Prepare to help you do it.

The next step is to pick who will make healthcare decisions for you. We often pick our spouse or children. Remember, they love you very much. Sometimes they love you so much they make their choices for you which may not be the same as your choices. If you are insistent about your choices, let them know. And especially let everyone else know what you want done – this way all who love you can support the person you chose to make your decisions. A great web site with good suggestions about how to talk with your family? The Conversation Project.

Finally, write those wishes down. There are so m

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