The Conversation

Posted on 10/11/2012

Eyewitness News ABC 7: When my father died more than 14 years ago, I began pitching a story about how we deal with the end of life. The issues involved. How we react. How we want to die, and where. No one wanted to touch it. I was told Americans didn’t want to hear about death, it would be too “down” of a story, and talking about how I got involved in the subject, bathing my father after he died, drying him, dressing him, and putting him in his coffin, wasn’t the stuff people want to see or hear or discuss on national television….There are some who will not want to have this conversation. And that’s okay. But there are tens of millions who do want to have it. And that’s even better.

The CDC studied this issue and found that 70 percent of us say we want to die at home, but that in the end 70 percent of us die in an institution, like a nursing home or hospital. The numbers are flip flopped.

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