Save the Date: Lasting Words Book Launch at Brookline Booksmith-3/25

Posted on 03/11/2014

TCP coach and faith-based leader Claire Willis has just released her book, Lasting Words.  We encourage everyone to pick this book up and attend the book launch at the Brookline Booksmith on March 25th if you live in the Boston area.  Read more about the book below-

Lasting Words: A Guide to Finding Meaning Toward the Close of Life appeals to healthcare professionals, clergy, hospice workers and caregivers, partners, and families of loved ones who are dying. It is equally  important to those in the latter parts of their lives who seek personal reflection and guidance.

Written words never matter more than they do at the end of life. Expressions of joy and sorrow, the desire to connect with loved ones; ways of finding comfort for yourself and strength for others—all are vital when time is short. But perhaps most pressing is the search for meaning. Based on research and the author’s experience working with profoundly ill people, Lasting Words focuses on special end-of-life concerns. Claire Willis guides writers through their personal journeys to Gratitude, Hope, Forgiveness, Wisdom, Prayer and, ultimately, saying good-bye. Filled with true stories, evocative photographs, tender poems and quotations, Lasting Words creates a living legacy for every person who uses it.

Read more about the book and the author here.