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Respecting End-of-Life Care Wishes: Developing reliable systems for what matters

By Kelly McCutcheon Adams and Harriet Warshaw , 09/07/2017

“For the past five years, The Conversation Project and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement have worked together to help people express their end-of-life care wishes to loved ones. In 2012, as the many free tools from TCP were being developed alongside community resources to engage the public in end-of life conversations, IHI began to work with 10 healthcare organizations that wanted to improve their ability to support and respond to a more activated publicβ€”to be ‘Conversation Ready.’ This work expanded to engaging with 60 teams in three separate improvement collaboratives and involved many others through seminars and virtual programs. Through these efforts, five [guiding] principles emerged: Engage, Steward, Respect, Connect, and Exemplify.”

This paper was written by Kelly McCutcheon Adams and Harriet Warshaw, and published in Healthcare Executive, Sept/ Oct 2017

Download the full text pdf [here.]