Respecting End-of-Life Care Wishes: Developing reliable systems for what matters

By Kelly McCutcheon Adams and Harriet Warshaw , 09/07/2017

“For the past five years, The Conversation Project and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement have worked together to help people express their end-of-life care wishes to loved ones. In 2012, as the many free tools from TCP were being developed alongside community resources to engage the public in end-of life conversations, IHI began to work with 10 healthcare organizations that wanted to improve their ability to support and respond to a more activated public—to be ‘Conversation Ready.’ This work expanded to engaging with 60 teams in three separate improvement collaboratives and involved many others through seminars and virtual programs. Through these efforts, five [guiding] principles emerged: Engage, Steward, Respect, Connect, and Exemplify.”

This paper was written by Kelly McCutcheon Adams and Harriet Warshaw, and published in Healthcare Executive, Sept/ Oct 2017

Download the full text pdf [here.]