Nelson Mandela & Organizing Your Life Closet

Posted on 07/16/2013

Health Cetera – CHMP’s Blog: While reading about Nelson Mandela’s current clinical status and lack of documented end of life planning, I couldn’t help but think of my disorganized, but highly necessary storage space.

Death is a topic that plagues every living thing, but our society has decided it is worth talking about only when the occasion arises or is near. Hence, we are left, or leave our loved ones, to make decisions that we likely never spoke of in our healthy life. Cramped and disorganized, we’re forced to piece together parts of the puzzle of illness care in the dark; would mom want to live on a ventilator, would dad be okay with a feeding tube, would I want to persist as a vegetable? …

The Conversation Project, which not only supplies a free starter kit for beginning the conversations about planning, but dedicates an entire part of their website to sharing the stories surrounding these conversations, can help get the ball rolling.

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