Monday Mourning

Posted on 12/18/2012

Death Writer Blog: I loved Lovina’s no nonsense demeanor, her colorful use of language and her appreciation of art, words and cats. Without judgment, she allowed her children and grandchildren to be who they were, however weird their behavior or hair style might look to others. She loved to laugh and I enjoyed exchanging stories with her over coffee at her kitchen table or out on her back deck. She was a hoot.

Do you know what gave me comfort? It was simple, really. I had had the conversation with her about her end of life wishes before she died. I remember sitting at her kitchen table and we talked about cremation and burial. (She was buried.) Our conversation didn’t freak her out, at least I didn’t think it did, and I got a sense of what she wanted. Because of that simple conversation, I was able to relay to her children what I knew and hopefully that made their decisions a little easier.

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