Life and Death Matters

Posted on 11/20/2014

In April this year my Dad passed away. I have been putting together a jigsaw puzzle since then and
now realize that so many people are in the same boat and many wouldn’t even know.
I have a simple idea that will save a lot of grief and heartache; a publication where your own
important details and wishes are enclosed and stored safely until required.
This planner and guide gives those left behind the answers they will initially need and after the event.

It’s not until you have experienced the loss of a loved one that you understand how important these details are.
What can be considered trivial at the time holds a lot of value when a family or individual are going through the grieving process.
This planner is much more than meets the eye. It is a personal informative guide that includes funeral, estate,
personal and medical information. I have had a goal to help people through the most difficult time of all by
preparing for something that we all have to face at one time or another.