IHI Virtual Expedition: Is Your Organization Conversation Ready? Begins April 19, 2016

Posted on 03/08/2016

More than two years ago, The Conversation Project, in collaboration with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), launched a public campaign dedicated to encouraging people to talk about their wishes for end-of-life care — not in the midst of a health care crisis in the emergency department or intensive care unit, but around the kitchen table with the people they love.

Did you know that 90 percent of people surveyed think it’s important to talk about their wishes for end-of-life care, but less than 30 percent have done so? Having these conversations can make all the difference.

But is the health care system ready to receive, record, and respect those wishes for every individual, every time? Many health care organizations don’t have reliable processes in place to prompt discussions with patients and families about advance care directives and end-of-life wishes, or to record, access, and follow the wishes when the time comes. For the past two years, IHI has worked with pioneering organizations to learn about effective changes to create this reliability. Is your organization “Conversation Ready?”

As the next step in this evolution, you’re invited to participate in the IHI Virtual Expedition: Is Your Organization Conversation Ready? Starting on April 19, 2016, this five-part, web-based training helps organizations prepare to reliably receive, record, and respect the end-of-life care wishes of the people they serve.

Structured around the aims of The Conversation Project — an initiative to ensure every person’s wishes for end-of-life care are expressed and respected — this virtual training teaches the five principles of Conversation Ready and educates organizations on being ready to receive, record, and respect those wishes for every individual, every time.

What You’ll Learn:
At the end of the IHI Virtual Expedition, each participant will be able to:

– Describe proven strategies for pioneer organizations to engage patients and families in discussions to understand what matters most to them at the end of life
– Explain ideas for reliably stewarding this information across the health care system, including strategies for working with electronic health records
– Teach methods of engaging communities to have these conversations in advance of a potential medical crisis
– Test methods to help staff engage in this work personally before exemplifying it for their patients

Who Should Attend:
This content is applicable to diverse patient populations in multiple settings, and to many different team members both within and outside of health care, such as:

– Primary Care Providers
– Palliative Care Providers
– Elder Care Services Providers
– Nursing Home Providers
– Long-term Care Providers
– Skilled Nursing Care Facilities
– Hospice Care Providers
– Vice Presidents
– Chief Executive Officers
– Physicians and Nursing Leaders
– Department Leaders
– Nursing Managers
– Nurse Practitioners
– Social Workers
– Chaplains

Enrollment Fee
Regular rate: $750
Passport to IHI Training rate: FREE
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(617) 301-4800