Do Conversations Around End Of Life Really Matter?

Posted on 10/09/2012

Forbes: How do we do it? How do we have this conversation and agree on our general end-of-life desires long before the occasion arises? We need to change our culture around dying. Conversations about end of life need to become the norm and not the exception. Our family and other centers of influence need to know our end of life wishes just like they know our phone number, address, and the current car we drive. If each of us makes the change, it will become the norm. It is up to you to start. Fortunately, tools are available to help you change your culture and initiate this conversation. Recently released is “The Conversation Project.” This initiative began in 2010 by some very wise and experienced people in end-of life-care. They developed a great website that walks you through the end-of-life discussion through a free tool called “The Starter Kit.” You are encouraged to have contemplative thought about end of life. Use the tools on how to open the conversation with your loved ones, and finally take the time to document these conversations.

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