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When one partner becomes a caregiver to the other, it can change the couple’s relationship. Heather English has found both sorrow and joy in caring for her husband, Bill, since his cancer diagnosis. Read Heather’s…

Hands of Love
Posted on 12/20/2021

Emily Ziegler’s father died while she was in college. As she grieved for him, she also became the main caregiver for her mother, taking on medical and logistical tasks as well as “simply just being…

18 Podcasts About End-of-Life Care
Posted on 12/20/2021

Whether you’re on a long ride to visit some friends or getting ready to start your morning working from home, podcasts are a great way to simultaneously pass the time and hear moving stories from…

Make Today the Day
Posted on 11/18/2021

In her blog, Cheryl Stone writes that when mother had a stroke, her family had to make difficult decisions. Despite barriers to communication, they learned what her mother wanted and advocated for her needs.

Fighting, Crying, Talking
Posted on 10/21/2021

A three-part poem series by L.P. Masters: Fighting (1) Crying (2) Talking (3).