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Crossing Abbey Road

He was in his early seventies, wearing flannel pajama bottoms and a worn tee shirt with a familiar image emblazoned across the front: the cover of the famous Beatles album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. His hair was unkept and his face unshaven. By way of introduction, I acknowledged our shared love of The Beatles. He smiled, held my gaze for a moment, and said softly,

“Their music has been the soundtrack of my life.”

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Many individuals reach out to us when they hear about our work, asking us what they can do to help bring conversations to their communities, where do they start? We’ve pulled together some of our most frequently asked questions and a set of resources to help provide answers! We hope this helps you get started or provides a nice kick start for those whose work has been on hold.

And, if you plan to host any events this fall and want some professionally printed Starter Guides to hand out, we have them for you in our online marketplace.

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“The Conversation Project emphasizes having a conversation on values — what matters to you, not what‘s the matter with you.”

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Everyone Has a Story

Maureen Jennings gathered family together on her father’s 85th birthday to talk about the health care he wants.

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