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Who do you trust?

By Matthew
Posted on

I had the conversation with my spouse.

Who do you trust with the lives of those most dear to you?
I lost my wife of 34 years, my cousin with whom I was raised with as sister & brother, and my father all in 2012 after a prolonged illness in each case. I narrowly escaped death myself in 2013 due to a tick bite with medical misdiagnosis and mistakes to the point of malpractice.

During all of this I was able to have a conversation with my wife, cousin and father. I respected and honored the wishes of each. I was not as prepared for my own illness and fates as the onset was sudden. I am working to correct than now.

I found many of the doctors, nurses, spiritual guidance and other support to be great in most cases. However there was enough callousness, incompetence, carelessness from some as to make the experience more horrible and frighting as to present a huge problem for me.

Number one on my list of problems were several doctors in each case that should not be allowed to practice due to incompetence. State social services and the hospital administration mixed some being awesome some were unbelievably cruel and callous. I am convinced that many insurance and financial officers are destined to burn in hell and deserve it.

All aspects of the experience lead me to the belief that the health care industry is going to have to be much more supportive and competent. I have had terrible life or death decisions to make concerning those I love or my own life, and I have had a hard time knowing who to believe. Who do you trust with the lives of those most dear to you?

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