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Ruth 2011

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Don’t want to upset the family

By Ruth
Posted on

I wish I had the conversation with my parent.

I want to live only as long as as I can: move around on my own (no walker, no wheelchair); and make my own decisions (do not want to live with alzhiemers);and take care of myself (I don't want anyone changing my diapers day after day).
My father is 101.  He is physically healthy but not entirely competent.  I don’t want to upset him now with this conversation.  We should have had it 2 years ago.  Just recently I had to fill out the nursing home health directive forms on my own.

Ironically I was just diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disorder.  I have been thinking a lot about the end game and, at the same time, how to keep my children from thinking about it when I tell them.  Then I found this website.  Thank you so much.  It will help me put my thoughts in order to talk with my children, and write them down to keep with my living will.

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