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Mom painting birdhouses; she gave them as gifts.

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By Sylvia
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I had the conversation with my parent.

I am so glad we had the conversation!
My mother had open heart surgery in 2000, having mitral valve replacement to alleviate heart failure. She did well, and was able to return to her home after 2 months in hospital and nursing home care. She lived 550 miles away from me. I asked her “If you are ever unable to make a health care decision for yourself, do you want to be in your hometown where you know everyone, or where I am to oversee your care.” She chose to be near me. We also visited an attorney who was able to give me health-care power of attorney. It was a relief when she needed to come and live with me, especially breaking a hip and living with us (with hospice home services) until she passed away in 2011. I am so glad we had the conversation!

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