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My Dad,

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Boos Bucket List

By Barbara Sedoric
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I wish I had the conversation.

We did our best to honor what we only guessed to be her wishes.
My mom died suddenly on a sunny morning in May 2006.

My world was immediately engulfed with tears, panic and grief as my Dad , known as “Boo”, my brother, and I were instantly thrown into the mountainous task of making a myriad of decisions and arrangements with no map, no directions or wishes having been previously communicated by “Nonnie” to guide us.

We did our best to honor what we only guessed to be her wishes.

We learned that keeping one’s affairs in order is a challenge, but a necessary undertaking. The absence of planning and communicating one’s plan leaves many questions unanswered.

The sudden death of my mother led to the formation of  Lasting Matters.

Death is inevitable and yet it is extraordinarily difficult to face and to discuss with loved ones. At the same time, planning for the inevitable is an absolute necessity in order to ensure that personal information is conveyed and to save grieving family and friends from all the chaos during a time that is emotionally challenging.

Join me in the conversation at www.LastingMatters.com and learn about The LastingMatters Organizer;  an affordable and comprehensive tool to  help manage personal information and wishes which will save a great deal of money, time, guesswork, stress, family arguments and frustration when someone dies.

“Boo” is now 82 and we have “the conversation” frequently. His Bucket List contains all the information I want and need to know in order to honor his wishes when the inevitable happens.

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