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My Story

By Lisa
Posted on

I had the conversation with my family members.

Even though I’ve worked in hospice for years and have discussed end-of-life wishes with countless people, I’d never had the conversation with those that matter most to me: my family. I knew that we would all be home for Christmas, so I came prepared with questions to ask and forms to fill out. It was awkward at first, everyone wondering why I would bring this up NOW, when we’re all healthy and young. The conversation was stilted and full of nervous laughter, and we eventually left the living room and slowly filtered into the kitchen. Conversation drifted from topic to topic until my sister talked about her work at a nursing home and some of the things she’d seen that she didn’t want for herself. Then my brother shared things he wished for his children if he were to die, and as we slowly re-gathered around the kitchen table, we talked about it all. What we wanted, what we didn’t want, how much we loved each other, and how grateful we were for our current health. The afternoon sun glowed through the kitchen as we talked, and I felt like it emphasized the conversation with extra warmth.

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