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Look. Listen. Share.

Everyone has a story. About losing someone close. About what it was like to have the conversation. About not talking about wishes until it was too late.

Explore these stories that others have shared, and if you’d like, tell us your own story. Hearing about other people’s experiences can be a good way to get your own conversation started.

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A “work around” in lieu of conversation

By Debbie
Posted on

At eighty-four, my mother (Mimi) fell at home, resulting in both a stroke and a hip fracture. There was no advance plan in place and no preference documented, because Mimi was not one to talk...

I had the conversation with my parent .

Lee’s “Code”

By Holly
Posted on

Several years ago my disabled daughter was admitted to a nursing home due to loss of home nursing care. After being there for several days I received a call from them saying she had been...

I had the conversation with my family members .

Please Mom, help me die

By Patty
Posted on

I will forever be grateful that I talked with my four children about end of life choices. When they were all teens, I would come home from my work as an R.N.,, and we would...

I had the conversation with my child .


The Conversation Assignment

By Kristen
Posted on

I am a professor of pastoral care at a progressive Christian seminary in the midwest. One of the courses I teach is Death, Dying and Grief. After reading a story about the Conversation Project in...

I had the conversation .


Graceful Departures

By Kevin
Posted on

“I don’t want to give up,” expressed a heroic 52-Year-old woman who had been battling aggressive metastatic breast cancer for three agonizing years. At one point, Natalie had almost achieved the insurmountable feat of remission,...

I had the conversation .


Conversation about Alzheimer’s

By lisa
Posted on

Atul Gawande’s book, BEING MORTAL, has been incredibly important to me. If you haven’t read it, please do. My life partner of 25+ years is going on approximately year 7 with alzheimer’s. FYI,we are a...

I had the conversation with my partner .