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Look. Listen. Share.

Everyone has a story. About losing someone close. About what it was like to have the conversation. About not talking about wishes until it was too late.

Explore these stories that others have shared, and if you’d like, tell us your own story. Hearing about other people’s experiences can be a good way to get your own conversation started.

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Grandparents show the way in having the conversation

By Lissa
Posted on

 I’ve been fortunate to have been raised in a family that has made end of life, a known part of life, for as long as I can remember. Our grandparents talked gently and openly with...

I had the conversation with my parent .

Having “the conversation” was a very easy thing to do

By William
Posted on

 For my wife who is 85 and I, having “the conversation” was a very easy thing to do. Our church teaches us very clearly what our alternatives are, and we are encouraged to discuss it...

I had the conversation with my spouse .

A normal topic in our family

By Suzanne
Posted on

 My brother is a funeral director so for the past 30 years it has been a normal topic in our family, thank God. When our father died on 4-21-10 it was not only a beautiful...

I had the conversation with my family members .

My guardian angel always

By Fran
Posted on

My mother was dying from breast cancer and we really didn’t talk of it too much, but when we did it was quite special. Something I remember as if it were yesterday. My mother died...

I had the conversation with my parent .

Planning the funeral

By Celena
Posted on

 My dad, sister and myself work at our families funeral home here in Texas. So death is a topic that comes up on a regular basis. We have regular conversations about the new caskets that...

I had the conversation with my parent .