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Whatever Comes Next
Posted on 11/16/2015

When my mother Helen was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer she went through all 5 of the stages of grief, oh, in about 10 minutes. “How are you Helen,” friends would ask. “I’m dying!” she said…

The Conversation
Posted on 09/07/2015

I wanted to pass along a couple of thoughts. Maybe you have considered this, maybe not. Many years ago my excellent lawyer pressed my husband and I to do a very specific health care directive….

e p i t a p h
Posted on 09/07/2015

My husband had Stage IV prostate cancer for 5 years. He died February 4, 2014 from a rarer metastatic secondary cancer he’d battled for 6 months, a cancer that consumed his liver, his mind, and…

How I want to leave
Posted on 08/16/2015

I had the conversation with my fiance and my children. Being in health care, I know it is just as important about talking about death as much as it is talking about birth and sex….

The End of Life Talk
Posted on 07/26/2015

  The End-of-Life Talk When a family member has Alzheimer’s or another dementia Patricia Woodell, Brenda Niblock, and Jeri Warner In 2005, my three sisters and I were surprised to learn that our mother had…

Rewarding Conversations
Posted on 07/20/2015

  I am an internist who sees people with complex illnesses facing surgery. A large part of my job has become talking to people and their families about the risk of death and functional loss…