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The hardest thing I’ve ever done
Posted on 08/27/2012

 Last December my mother went into a coma on the Monday before Christmas. She had been diagnosed with hepatitis C in 2006. She contracted the virus in 1970 after having received numerous blood transfusions as…

Hospice – seeing the signs
Posted on 08/26/2012

I have two. My father passed away June 22, 2008- 29 days after we learned he had cancer.   I asked the Oncologist if my father was hospice appropriate and the physician didn’t want to go…

Exit strategy
Posted on 08/26/2012

 My friend recently decided to hasten his death in face of inevitable prolonged suffering. The doctor has given him 3 months at best, he was failing fast, and decided to leave this world on his…

Don’t want to upset the family
Posted on 08/24/2012

My father is 101.  He is physically healthy but not entirely competent.  I don’t want to upset him now with this conversation.  We should have had it 2 years ago.  Just recently I had to…

Planning for the future
Posted on 08/23/2012

We were married last year, or at least we had a ceremony.  Marriage between two women is still not legal here in Virginia.  This year we started implementing our planning regard the future and what…

The only decision possible
Posted on 08/23/2012

 My Mother was 86 when she went to the hospital to have elective hip replacement surgery.  Her post-operative course did not go liked we hoped it would.  For 2 days I sat with her knowing…