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Look. Listen. Share.

Everyone has a story. About losing someone close. About what it was like to have the conversation. About not talking about wishes until it was too late.

Explore these stories that others have shared, and if you’d like, tell us your own story. Hearing about other people’s experiences can be a good way to get your own conversation started.

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Don’t want to upset the family

By Ruth
Posted on

My father is 101.  He is physically healthy but not entirely competent.  I don’t want to upset him now with this conversation.  We should have had it 2 years ago.  Just recently I had to...

I wish I had the conversation with my parent .

Planning for the future

By Vicki
Posted on

We were married last year, or at least we had a ceremony.  Marriage between two women is still not legal here in Virginia.  This year we started implementing our planning regard the future and what...

I had the conversation with my spouse .

The only decision possible

By Edie
Posted on

 My Mother was 86 when she went to the hospital to have elective hip replacement surgery.  Her post-operative course did not go liked we hoped it would.  For 2 days I sat with her knowing...

I had the conversation with my parent .

Home and family mattered most

By Dana
Posted on

Irving was my father in law.  At the age of 89, he developed chronic kidney failure. He opted for aggressive medical management and not to have dialysis. He lived for another year with home hospice...

I had the conversation with my parent .

A life and a death

By Sarah
Posted on

 My younger sister has struggled with Chron’s her whole life.  She was on steroids on and off for the last 8 years of her life.  She decided to take a risk and try Remicade… because...

I wish I had the conversation with my sibling .

Hardest conversation with mother

By Ronda
Posted on

 I am a social worker by training, but work as a community liaison/educator for a near-by hospice.  During my past 12 years working with hospice or in LTC ( long term care), I have been...

I had the conversation with my parent .